Reunion Plans

Christ UMC reunion Aug 18th at Passarelli's

Dear CUMC Friends,
While our recent farewell to CUMC as a chartered church was undeniably sad, it was also filled with the joy of seeing old friends and the excitement of hearing what new things God is doing in our lives. The only additional sadness was that so many of our friends were not aware of the farewell service or not able to attend the service.

My suggestion at the service, which has been well received, was for us to have a reunion gathering this summer. Phil and Kelly Passarelli have graciously offered to host us on August 18th. Dave Jarvis and Wendy Friend have offered to help get the word out and plan for the event. While I have a folder full of old address lists, I suspect many of those addresses are out of date and none of those lists contain emails. (Can you believe when CUMC was started we didn’t yet use computers, emails, or cell phones!) Further, many many people joined CUMC after I left.

I am writing to all you to ask you to spread the word to all CUMC folks you can and send contact information to me so that we can keep people informed. Also, if you would like to try and track down people through the internet please let me know so we can send you the names of people with whom we have lost contact.

Hopefully, starting on this project now will allow us to successfully get the word out to the majority of CUMC friends. Some of my happiest memories are of CUMC picnics. I called them a “foretaste of heaven.” I pray we can add to the great memories this summer.

God bless,

Doug Hays